There’s always a lot in the media about the German Shepherd, and it’s usually negative 🙁 We spoke to a GSD owner and found out what the breed’s really like…

What it’s really like to own a German Shepherd

1. Alert

GSDs are excellent watchdogs. Just look at that seriously foreboding face.

2. Obedient

Known for their tireless work as Police and guide dogs, the German Shepherd has to be well trained. As you can see, this little fella’s taking the ‘no sofa’ rule very seriously.

3. Serious

Their wolfish demeanour and being the intelligent beasts that they are, they’re known to take themselves particularly seriously compared to other dog breeds…

4. Always hungry.

A big dog means a lot of dog food. We warn you, however, you should never feed them after midnight. This is what happens if you do…

5. Forever growing – from pupper to horse in eight months!

A German Shepherd doesn’t stay small for long. This doggo will rapidly grow to the size of a horse before you can say ‘treat’.

6. Confident

Their confident nature means they’re never shaken. They’re always stirred.

7. Wise

They’re pretty skeptical creatures, otherwise referred to as Skepshep.

German Shepherd dog looking into the camera with a skeptical look on his face

“Are you *really* going to take me for a ‘W word’?” Source

8. They’re old skool

The German Shepherd is one of the largest breeds. Their heritage goes way back and were found to be descendants of the T-Rex.

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