Friday 3rd June celebrates National Doughnut Day, so we thought we’d spoil you with seven dogs with doughnuts. You’re welcome.

1. Doughnut worry, be happy


2. “Human, I doughnut understand why you dress me up like this”


Happy National Donut Day!!! (It’s also mommy’s birthday! ?) #Peppermint #NationalDonutDay #DonutDog #yorkie #cute

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3. “Take these sprinkles off my nose; I’m getting tired of the hole thing”



4. This fella’s looking pretty half-baked to us



5. Hey, Pug – why the frosty look?


6. He’ll take your doughnut when you’re yeast expecting it



7. Doggo Marnie wants a slice of the action, too


If this portrait doesn’t make you happy, you’re probably dead inside. #donutdog

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